An online trading course covering all the aspects and skills needed to be a successful trader 

My online trading courses encompass my 20+ years of experience, not just as an individual, but also as a coach and mentor to hundreds of aspiring traders across the globe 
This is for anyone that is serious about wanting to learn how to trade, and is willing to put in the hours to learn a skillset that can provide the freedom and lifestyle you deserve. 
Trading is not an easy skill to master, and requires counter intuitive thinking, but this online trading course provides the fundamental tools you need to expediate the learning curve. 
It also provides daily market analysis, trade alerts and ongoing training and support, in the form of regular webinars and access to our Key Zone Traders community to help further your education. 
Whether you wish to learn how to day trade or learn to trade to provide an additional income. This course will provide you with the skills you need 

Key Zone Traders Academy FAQS 

Who is this service for? How can it benefit me? 
This is for anyone that wishes to learn how to trade. It goes through all the basic fundamentals of trading, as well as risk and account management, mindset, advanced theories and strategy. All the concepts within the course can be translated into many forms of trading, whether that be scalping, day trading, intra-day swing trading or longer term swing trading. 
I've never traded before – is this for me? 
Yes. This goes through all the basic fundamental processes, as well as the more complex and in depth skills, you need to develop into a successful trader. 
I work Full Time is this right for me? 
Yes. All the course material is online and you can work through the material at your own pace. All ongoing training webinars are also uploaded to the Learning Centre, in case you cannot make a session. Also, you will be able to pose questions before, to be answered in the webinar for you to watch back, in case you cannot make it. 
Are there any ongoing costs? 
There is an ongoing subscription of £75 a month, which will incloude a variety of other benefits including ongoing webinar training, Daily Market Analysis and Trade Alerts. 
''I love the structure of the course and I feel that I have learnt so much through Key Zone already and I know that this is now the proper start to my trading journey! 
Some people might be good traders but not be able to teach but you are certainly a great teacher! I am so glad I found Key Zone Traders!'' 
The Academy 
Extensive educational syllabus outlining the blueprint for trading success, explaining why things happen as well as providing actionable techniques to help take advantage of these situations 
Fundamental Basic principles you must follow 
The mindset issues all traders experience and techniques on how to overcome them 
How to increase leverage and grow an account in a sensible manner 
Advanced Price Action theory, including risk management techniques and how to read price action - as well as providing the strategy to take advantage of these behaviours 
SPECIAL OFFER - 20% DISCOUNT on intial course fee - Currently just £1,250  
Optional Monthly subscription of £75 for the ongoing services 
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