1-2-1 Mentoring Programme 

This is for a small group of people to come and work closely with myself on a 1-2-1 basis, who wish to develop all the skills necessary to take their trading to another level.* 
You will need to be fully committed to becoming a successful, full-time professional trader. 
Through constant analysis of your individual trading performance we will come up with a bespoke trading plan and path to achieve your own individual trading goals. 
If you are looking to get funded, I can help guide you along this process and determine when you are in the right place to attempt the challenges to give you the best chance of passing 
It is only available to a limited number of people (due to my limited amount of time), and will require a discovery call before joining to make sure we are the right fit for each other. 
*Traders who wish to join this programme have the opportunity to Graduate from our programme and become a non-paying permanent member of our community. To achieve this you would need to demonstrate consistently that you have followed the processes that we put in place to make you a successful and profitable trader 


Who is this service for? How can it benefit me? 
This is for anyone that really wants to take their trading to another level and learn from the very best. All successful people, in any field, have a mentor and coach, so why should trading be any different? 
What happens when I graduate? 
I would like to create a community of like-minded, successful traders, that can help everyone of all trading levels within the community. Once you have graduated you will become a permanent member of the community, where I hope you can pass on your experiences and knowledge to other aspiring traders. 
I am a beginner, is this right for me? 
Yes. This goes through all the basic fundamental processes, as well as the more complex and in depth skills, you need to develop into a successful trader. 
Where can I sign up for your Graduate programme? 
It is not possible to sign up to the Graduate Programme. If you are interested please set up a discovery call, using the links on this page 
How do I graduate? 
We need to see that you have all the correct processes in place to be able to consistently pull money from the markets. Once you have demonstrated this, in terms of solid account management, leveraging and a consistent plan, then you will graduate. 
How many people do you mentor? 
Due to limited time, and the fact I want to make sure that all the people that sign upto this programme get the best value for money, I will limit the number of people at any one time to 10 spaces. 
Access to a Live Trading Room - come join me in every trading session that I trade to listen to my thoughts and reasoning behind each action 
1-2-1 Mentoring and Coaching Calls 
Create a bespoke and individual plan for your trading journey 
The opportunity to Graduate from the programme and become a permanent member of the Key Zone Traders community 
Access to a private and dedicated Discord Channel for you to have access to me and ask questions directly at any time 
£500 / month or £5,000 for 12 months 
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