Learn how to identify the dominant order flow in the market 

90% of traders lose money. This is because when they start to learn to trade, they usually start by funding an account and start to trade with real money, even though they do not have the skills necessary to profit in the market, and are often making their decisions to Buy or Sell based on guesswork. 
Whilst it is true, that many of the skills you need to be successful as a trader, can only be developed once you start trading a live account, it is still important to build the foundational skills in a safe environment first. 
This is why I have created the 7 steps to trading. To guide people through the early part of their trading journey to build some of those foundational skills, without committing vast sums of money to their trading journey. So that when they do start trading with live funds they do so from a solid set of core skills and principles. 
So if you would like to learn how to approach trading to give you the best chance of long term success come and join our 7 Steps to Live Trading 

FAQ for 7 Steps to Trading 

How much should I Risk? 
We will cover all of this and more as we progress through the 7 steps. You can start to learn how to trade with no money committed, to make sure trading is right for you and something you wish to pursue before committing money to the markets 
Who is this service for? How can it benefit me? 
This service is for anyone that is looking to learn how to trade, and build a set of core foundational skills that will set them to start their trading journey to success 
I've never traded before – is this for me? 
Yes. this course is designed to help guide traders through the early part of their trading journey, from the very basics. 
7 Steps to Live Trading 
We guide you along each step of the journey, so you have the foundational skills when you start trading live funds 
We outline the approach you will need to take to become a successful trader 
An introduction to emotions and mindset issues you will come across 
We will teach you a core principle of price action to help you identify which side of the market you should be trading, as well as a basic strategy to take advantage of this knowledge 
Currently SPECIAL OFFER of 20% OFF for a one off fee of just £200 
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