A FREE online trading course, providing you with the foundational knowledge you need to learn how to trade successfully 

This course is the first step as you learn to trade. It will not teach you everything there is to know about trading, however it will give you a small insight into the fundamental principles I believe to be the core foundation to any successful trader. It is because, without these solid foundations, correct structure and strong risk management skills, most aspiring traders fail, long before they have a chance to realise their goals. 
People enter trading with the wrong mindset and chase instant gratification or to 'get rich quick'. We offer an approach and an education that gives people a responsible approach to trading and their education to help them create longer term success. 

FAQ for the Free Online Trading Course 

Who is this course for? How can it benefit me? 
This is a course designed for aspiring traders that wish to learn to trade starting from a strong foundation. Or any trader that is interested in learning more about the principles my services and methods are based on 
I work Full Time is this right for me? 
Yes. This is just a short series of videos (2 hours long in total), that you can watch at your own leisure. It details some of the basic processes you need to know to become a successful trader, and will allow you to determine if trading is something you would like to pursue. 
Can I start Trading after completing this course? 
Although entitled learn to trade, this is not a course designed to teach you how to trade immediately, it does give you some of the basic principles and skills you will need to develop to become successful. It will hopefully give you an insight into my methods and help you decide if my services are the right fit for your trading journey 
I've never traded before – is this for me? 
100%. Not only is this online trading course for you, it will help you decide if I am the right fit to help you with your trading journey. It outlines some of the basic principles that I base my services and education on 
"Trying to find a course that gives you real expectations when starting out in trading is very hard to find! 
Not only does this course speak about the main fundamentals, it also is Free! 
I found this course insightful and easy to use. 
The layout and short videos, make sure you are not being given all the information in one hit, highly recommend." 
"I took the free trading course on the Key Zone Traders website. It contains some invaluable information that I had never even considered prior to starting my trading journey." 
A series of short easy-to-digest videos introducing you to the foundational knowledge you need to start your trading journey 
We outline the approach you will need to take to become a successful trader 
Access to our Free Weekly Newsletter - Trade in the Zone, where we discuss Bitcoin and other markets, providing analysis on where they are likely to be heading 
Totally FREE - sign up and get started on your journey today 
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