FREE Pre and Post Market analysis 

Come and join the Key Zone Traders community and receive the exact framework we use to consistently make money from the markets. 
This service is to educate traders that want to actively day trade the Index markets, with the methods we use, to create an extra income for themselves 
I will provide you with the framework and my trade plans for each session before the market open, so that you can see my plan for the day and take advantage of that in your own trading. I will also provide a recap of the days action so you can see what opportunities were available so that you can learn and take advantage in the future 

FAQ for Key Zone Service 

I've never traded before – is this for me? 
Yes. If Day Trading is something you wish to learn, you can use the video series and analysis to help develop your skills to become a profitable Day Trader. 
Who is this service for? How can it benefit me? 
This service is for anyone that already actively day trades the Index Markets, or is looking to learn to Day Trade. It provides a framework for the exact areas in the market that I am looking to trade from, that keeps me safe every day. 
What's the best time to trade? 
For this service, I have found the best times to trade are generally between 8am and 10am 
How much should I Risk? 
There is a lesson on this in our Free Start Up course that goes into much more detail. Generally, we recommend somewhere between 0.25-1% per trade. 
You will become part of the Key Zone Traders community and receive access to our Discord channel for pre-market analysis reports and post-market video recaps, outlining how you could have taken advantage of the days price action 
Pre-Market Daily Report giving you our trade plan to trade for that day 
We provide the key zones in the market that you should be trading from, as well as the areas of potential interest that you can actively manage your trades 
A short intro video detailing how to make the most from the service 
Access to a Library of historical reports and recaps to provide you with the ability to practice and improve your price action skills 
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