The Key Zone Traders Academy is the sum of my professional experience. It is a course based on everything I learnt while working in the City of London and Hong Kong, as well as all the years I have spent as a full-time professional trader and trading coach and mentor. 
My aim is for this course to empower people with the knowledge to become independent, successful traders. I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power, which is why, in the Academy, I explain the why, as well as the how. I explain why most traders fail, the obstacles you will come across and why you will experience them; I then share actionable techniques on how to overcome these challenges. I also reveal why the market behaves in the way it does and how we can take advantage of it, rather than becoming victim to those market behaviours, like the majority of retail traders. Understanding the why, makes the how so much easier to execute. 
I also want to develop a community of like-minded traders who can help each other grow in an empathetic environment that encourages people to question what they do not understand. It takes courage to admit when you are struggling, and having people around to help you along the road at these times makes the journey that little bit easier. 
The Academy has been developed to teach values and techniques to all traders, irrespective of experience or style. The processes and fundamental principles can be adapted to all timeframes and all instruments. Many traders get obsessed with strategy, jumping from one strategy to another, when often the issue lies elsewhere. Most courses will start with strategy, as this is what people want. I want to provide people with what they need. Strategy is like having a car – without the keys to that car, it is going nowhere. The keys to the car are your fundamental principles, risk and money management and mindset, that you need to build your trading on. This is why we teach these principles first, before moving on to theory and strategy. 
There are too many people out there selling unrealistic dreams that promote irresponsible trading and play on the instant gratification built into society today. They are not interested in your long-term success as a trader, and a lot of people fail when they do not achieve the results they are promised in a short space of time. 

Everything starts with a thought, and just by being here, you have started the journey to becoming a successful trader. 

Nevertheless, you will not arrive at your desired destination overnight. To make a success of this, you will need to learn a set of skills and put them into practice. There will be many obstacles you will face, so you will need to be resilient. You will need to put in the hard work and dedication to cultivate these skills, and you will need to be dynamic, adaptable and approach situations with an open mind. Learning to trade is a journey that teaches you a lot about yourself. 
Everyone will have a different goal from trading. Some may want it to provide a supplementary income, and others may want to do it full time. But once you have developed the skills, it is a talent you possess for the rest of your life, providing the freedoms, both literal and financial, that we all strive for. 

Let’s Go Make It Happen! 

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