I’m going to level with you. I don’t own a private Jet or an Aston Martin. Although I would love an Aston Martin, I’m not quite sure how my partner, 2-year-old twins and 3-year-old labrador would all squeeze in safely, to be honest. Maybe one day – when it is a bit more practical. 
Does this mean I am not successful? Everyone’s opinion on this will differ, I guess, and this is why you need to measure success based on your own goals and aspirations. 
When I worked in the City of London, I used to set my alarm for 4.30am and be at my desk by 6am. When I lived in Hong Kong, I used to finish work at 11.30pm! I wanted more from life and decided to quit my job and take on the markets to get the lifestyle I wanted. 
I started my trading journey with a very modest account. Seven years on, I have consistently returned 50%+ on my account annually (often more than this) and can support a lifestyle that enables me to have the freedoms I want in life. 
A lifestyle that allows me to holiday whenever I choose (and COVID restrictions allow) and work from wherever I wish. A profession that allowed me to be there when my daughter smiled for the first time and continues to allow me to bath both my children, read them a bedtime story and give them a kiss goodnight. This, in my opinion, is what makes me successful. A full-time job robs many family men and women of these precious moments. 

‘’One person’s failure is another person’s success’’ 

Everyone’s goals in trading will be different; some will want to produce a supplementary income to take the pressure off or allow for a few more luxuries in their life. Some will be looking to bolster their income in retirement, and some may even want to take it on full time to get that Aston Martin. 
Figure out what you want from trading, and know that when you achieve that – you are successful. That doesn’t mean you should rest on your laurels; you should ALWAYS be looking to improve and better yourself. But do not judge yourself by another person’s achievements (or what they claim to have achieved). 
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