One thing that is certain in the life of a trader, is that you will have to go through the experience of losing a trade and even a series of losses. It is how we react to these losing trades that ultimately define a lot of trading careers, but the reality is, the result of one single trade or one series of trades should not define us. 
The experience of loss creates an emotional response, this is just a natural part of being human. But it is how we respond to this that can make the difference between a successful trader and a failed trader. 
If we allow that emotion to hijack our decision-making process then we will not be basing our decisions and actions on sound rational logic. This is when revenge trading, over trading, erratic and irresponsible leveraging, and chasing losses takes over, which will ultimately cause a negative impact on our trading accounts. 
What we need to remember, is that trading is a game of probabilities. This means there will be losing trades – guaranteed. But as long as we stick to our principles and trade plans – which are established in a sound, rational state of mind based on statistical probabilities, then we will make money in the long term. 
So how do we make sure we do not let these emotional responses dictate our trading decisions. We need to train our minds to know that the result of each individual trade is random, and irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Placing little relevance on the outcome of any one single trade or series of trades will naturally reduce the impact of the emotion we will feel. 

‘’It's just a trade’’ 

You can create an anchor statement. So, if you ever experience a strong emotional response to the result of a trade you take, whether that be from a losing trade, or even euphoria from a good winning trade, you should remind yourself that it is ‘’just a trade’’, and does not define you or your career as a trader. This, repeated, can help you anchor yourself back to where you need to be to continue from a more rational point of view. 
Create a habit of leaving your desk, if you ever feel strong emotions – take away the temptation of making a detrimental decision. Give yourself a self-imposed cooling-off period. All emotions are temporary, so you only return once you have returned to that rational state of mind again. 
Meditation and Mindfulness can also really help with identifying when you are in a position whereby these emotions are taking over your decision-making process, and help you stop yourself from acting impulsively. 
So if you struggle to accept losses, you are not alone – but it is something you will HAVE to come to terms with if you wish to be successful in this profession 
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